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Organ Donor Awareness 2022 – Media Stories

We are looking for impactful health stories to share as part of our media campaigns to increase Organ Donor Awareness. Our current interest is Organ Donor Awareness Week 2022 (April 23rd – 30th) but there is an option for you to agree to have your details saved for a future opportunity.

If you would like to share your story about organ failure or an organ transplant, or have consented to living kidney or liver donation, or your family has made the selfless decision to donate a loved one’s organs, we’d love to hear from you.

If your story has been in the media before, please let us know if there have been any significant life events since then e.g., a sporting, academic, career or other notable achievement, marriage, become a parent, or reached a milestone anniversary.

We will never share any of your details or your story without contacting you for permission.

We cannot guarantee that every story we get will be taken up by the media. Whilst we try to cover a broad range of people (including ages, counties and stages of the organ donation journey) to ensure our campaigns are as impactful and comprehensive as possible, ultimately it is the media outlets that decide which stories they wish to share.

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