Peer Support

The Peer Support Service is a new national online service provided by the Irish Kidney Association. The Peer Support service is for people living with end stage kidney disease and is provided by patients (peers) who have gone through similar experiences themselves.

Peer Support involves people with lived experience of end stage kidney disease supporting patients and their families who are facing similar situations. The service offers short term practical, emotional and social support by appointment online.
Peer Support is intended to complement the care and education you receive from your kidney healthcare team and is an additional service which is available if you want it.

To connect with a Peer Supporter please print and complete the Request for Peer Support form and return to us by post. Once received we will contact you to confirm that we have an accurate understanding of your needs, and your availability to engage in the service. We will then match you to a Peer Supporter and arrange for your online meetings. If you are a healthcare provider looking to refer a patient to our Peer Support service please use the Healthcare Provider Form.

Who are the Peer Support Volunteers?

Our Peer Support Volunteers:

  • Are patients or family members who have first-hand experience of living with end stage kidney disease e.g dialysis or transplanted
  • Have completed training to provide peer support
  • Come from across Ireland and have a wide range of ages, backgrounds, interests and life experiences.

Peer Support volunteers are not medical experts or trained counsellors and cannot offer advice about medical treatments, kidney diseases or medications.

How can Peer Support help me?

Many people who face challenges find it helpful to talk with someone who is or has been in a similar situation. Peer support can provide you with many benefits including:

  • Being able to talk to someone who has had to cope with similar experiences and understands the challenges you are facing
  • Sharing common experiences
  • Sharing information, Learning and practical experiences
  • Helping you to feel greater confidence in taking control of managing your kidney disease
  • Get a better understanding of your treatment and treatment options
  • Reassurance that you are not alone

Please return forms by post to: FREEPOST Irish Kidney Association, Donor House, Block 43A Park West, Dublin, D12 P5V6

This project is supported by a grant from the Punchestown Kidney Research Fund


Here at the IKA we're more than happy to assist you with anything you might need. If you've got any questions or concerns then please feel free to use the contact form to send us a message.

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