We are funded to a very significant degree by voluntary contributions. Our branches bring together people who truly care and who provide wonderful support to others in need in their communities.

Life is not easy for kidney patients or for those who care for kidney patients. The IKA supports both patients, and their families and carers, in many practical ways, offering help and guidance. We also campaign tirelessly for improvements in renal healthcare provision in Ireland. Please support our work to help improve the lives of people in need of our help.

You don't need to be wealthy to leave a gift of significance to the IKA in your will, and if you decide to do so, it is simple to implement. With a little help from a solicitor, and some of the details we've provided on this page, a clause in favour of the IKA will ensure it reaches us at a future date.

*** NO REPRODUCTION FEE *** DUBLIN : 19/4/2022 : The Irish Kidney Association and Organ Donation Transplant Ireland is asking the public to support Organ Donor Awareness Week (23-30 April). The key message for the life saving awareness campaign is to Share Your Wishes about organ donation for transplantation. This message was reinforced by the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly in his speech for the launch which was held at the Mansion House, Dublin today (Tuesday 19th April). #Share Your Wishes  For more information visit www.ika.ie/donorweek2022. Picture Conor McCabe Photography.

MEDIA CONTACT : Gwen O'Donoghue, Irish Kidney Association. Mob 086 8241447 email gwenodonoghue1@gmail.com

Contact Us

We are always happy to talk about your desire to leave a gift or answer any questions you may have about the IKA's work, how we manage our income and more importantly, how we would oversee your legacy in the future.

Contact us by email: info@ika.ie or by phone: (+353) 01 620 5306

How It Works

Leaving a legacy is a private and personal decision. We will never pressure you in any way and respect your right to change your mind at any time in the future. You don't need to tell us if you choose to leave a gift to us, but we would love to thank you and keep you updated about our work if you do.

There are a few things to consider and you should always seek legal advice before making a new, or a change to an existing, will.

Types of gift

You are generally able to leave three types of gift to a charity; specific, pecuniary and residuary.

  • Specific: A gift of a specific item such as jewellery or stocks.
  • Pecuniary: A gift of a specific or fixed sum of money.
  • Residuary: What is left of your estate, known as the residuary estate or residue, after payment of debts, expenses, and deduction of gifts you have made to family and friends.
  • Will my gift be taxed?

    The IKA has been granted tax-exempt status by the Irish Revenue Commissioners, which means that gifts made in a Will are exemp from inheritance tax - i.e., we will receive the gift in full.

    Specific requests for use of a gift

    As with any donation made to the IKA, we will always endeavour to honour your specific wishes of where the money should be spent. You can make this legally binding within your Will, but this can become complicated if for some reason we are not able to meet the requirements specified. A more flexible way of doing this is to include a 'Letter of Wishes' - this is not a legal document but allows you to express your hopes for how the gift will be used, which we would always try our best to honour.

    What information will you need to leave a gift to the IKA in your will?

    Making a gift to a charity is relatively simple. You need to get the name, address and Registered Charity Number of the charity you wish to give to and decide what gift you wish to make. Our details are:

    Irish Kidney Association CLG.
    Donor House, Block 43A, Park West, Dublin, D12 P5V6
    Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20011260
    Companies Registration Number: 66109
    CHY (Revenue) Number: 6327

    Sample wording to include a gift in your will

    For the gift of the residue of an estate:
    “I give to Irish Kidney Association CLG of Donor House, Block 43A, Park West, Dublin, D12 P5V6, all (or a fraction) of the residue of my estate whatsoever and wheresoever, and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other officer for the time being of the said Organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge of the same.”

    For a gift of a fixed sum or specific item:
    “I give the sum of €_______ or I bequeath (the item specified) to Irish Kidney Association CLG of Donor House, Block 43A, Park West, Dublin, D12 P5V6, and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer for the time being of the said Organisation shall be proper and sufficient discharge for the same.”

    Are bequests, gifts and legacies the same thing?

    Yes, leaving a gift in your will is sometimes called a bequest or legacy.

    What if I have already written my Will?

    You don't have to redo the whole thing, don't worry! You can simply use an addition, known as a codicil, to make small and simple ammendments to your existing Will (although you can only have five codicils in place before it is recommended you make a new Will).

    Can I request to be an Organ Donor in my Will?

    If you intent to be an organ donor, please let your next-of-kin know and do not rely on leaving this information in your Will. In almost every case, by the time your Will is read you will already have passed away and it will be too late to be an organ donor.

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