The IKA exists to make a difference to the lives of people who are kidney patients and those likely to be affected by kidney disease. We do this in many ways:

Patient Accommodation

By early September 2022, 528 patients had stayed at IKA accommodation ahead of transplant procedures and hospital visits. Most bookings are for two people - with a partner or carer attending also - so over 1,000 people impacted so far. The total is expected to reach 650/1,300 by year end.

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Patient Holidays

IKA provides 5-night stays in our three holiday locations and is a source of respite for those who need it most, when they need it most. 135 families have been allocated a place (out of 202 applications) free of charge this year. Including family members, closer to 400 people are benefiting from this service.

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Over 1,400 counselling hours provided in 2021 to almost 200 people in all areas of the country. This is an area of increased demand, with 143 people supported as of July 2022, more than double for the same period in 2019 and almost 50% higher than 2021.

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Dialysis Abroad

74 Haemodialysis patients had travelled on a holiday abroad from January to July 2022 to Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Nigeria, USA, India and other destinations. The IKA helped organise their trips, e.g. where best to stay, where to access treatment while away and more.

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Patient Support

The IKA Patient Support Fund provided €98,736 in 2020 and 2021. As of August 2022, IKA had helped 605 people financially in 2022 - which included some signposted to other organisations capable of providing further financial support.

Support Magazine

Support Magazine produced in-house four times per year, with news, recipes, real patient stories and much more. Distributed to over 3000 members and 27 dialysis units each quarter.

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Working with and on behalf of kidney patients to advocate for better services in the healthcare system. For example, in early 2021 the IKA successfully campaigned for kidney and transplant patients to be a priority group in the Covid-19 Vaccine rollout, seeing them moved from group 7 to group 4.

Organ Donor Awareness

The annual Organ Donation Awareness Week reached 1.7m people in 2022 to promote the importance of organ donation in Ireland.

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