Kidney Support Centres

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Our first Kidney Support Centre, within the grounds of Beaumont Hospital, Dublin. Please note, this centre is currently occupied by Beaumont Hospital and we are accommodating patients in the nearby Clayton Hotel in the meantime.

Our brand new Support Centre, just outside the grounds of Cork University Hospital (CUH). Open to the public from December 2023!

What Is A Support Centre?

Aside from providing free overnight accommodation for patients and their families when they have to travel a long distance for appointments, or are called for transplant, our Kidney Support Centres offer much more than that. Whether it is chatting with other patients or family members in the communal areas, or looking for peace and quiet, our Kidney Support Centres provide a thoughtful and well-designed space that fosters a sense of comfort, support, and a ‘home away from home’, for all who visit.

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The Irish Kidney Association is grateful for your support.


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