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HSE Second Booster Information (April 2022)

A second booster vaccine is now recommended for some people who are at higher risk from serious COVID-19 illness. If you are over 12 with a weak immune system, your second booster should be your fifth dose of COVID-19 vaccine. You should get your booster dose at least 4 months after your first booster (fourth vaccine dose). You can find out more details, including how to book your vaccination here:

Booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine –


Key information from the HSE Partner Pack (Friday 22 April 2022):

Going to the vaccination centre

Please bring a photo ID with you. Examples of ID include passport, driver’s licence, Garda age card, student/school ID etc. but if your ID does not include your date of birth, please bring proof of your date of birth (e.g. your birth cert).

What vaccine will I get?

If you are 30 years or older you will be offered a single booster dose of the Moderna COVID 19 vaccine at the HSE vaccination centres and over the coming weeks from GPs and Pharmacies. If you are 29 years or younger we will offer you a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine. These are mRNA vaccines. NIAC has recommended people are given a mRNA vaccine for this second booster dose, and it is safe to receive if you previously had a different vaccine.

Video explaining second booster

You can watch this video with Dr Eimear Hayes, Senior Medical Officer from the HSE National Immunisation Office. In the video Dr Hayes answers questions about the second booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for people aged 12 and older who have a weak immune system and those aged 65 and older, and explains their recommended COVID-19 vaccination course. Information about the recommended vaccine schedule for COVID-19 is available from the National Immunisation Office Website.

Treatment for people at the highest risk from COVID-19

Medicines are starting to become available to treat people with COVID-19 (coronavirus) who are at the highest risk of becoming seriously ill. You’ll be told by your doctor or consultant if these medicines are for you and other COVID-19 medicines are expected to become available soon. It’s a good idea to be aware if you are in a higher risk group for COVID-19.

You can find more information about treatments and higher risk groups here.

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