The Theme of World Kidney Day 2021 is "Living Well With Kidney Disease"

Being diagnosed with kidney disease can be a huge challenge, both for the patient and those people around them. People living with kidney disease tend to, above all, want to be able to live well, whilst maintaining some semblance of normality and a sense of control over their health and wellbeing.

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How Can Get Involved?

To celebrate the theme of World Kidney Day, 'Living Well With Kidney Disease', the Irish Kidney Association has joined forces with the Irish Nephrology Society and Get Ireland Walking to invite you to take part in a 21 Day Walking Challenge!

Aim to walk for at least 30 minutes each day. You don't have to do it all at once - you can build up to 30 minutes or more by being active for at least 10 minutes in the early days. Just keep increasing the length of your walk, and watch the minutes add up.

Download the free Get Ireland Walking app to track your challenge (or download the record card below). Remember to refresh the app every day or it won't record your walk.

At the end of the challenge, you should be able to see your improvement! Also, did you know that on average it takes 21 days to form a new habit? Why not challenge yourself to keep it up and see how much you can improve over the next few months?

Visit the Get Ireland Walking website for lots more information, tips on motivation and to find out why walking is so good for you.

You should always consult with a healthcare professional before participating in any fitness challenge or making major lifestyle changes.

Win an IKA Facemask!

Get in touch with your local Irish Kidney Association Branch and let them know that you are taking part in the 21 Day Walking Challenge for a chance to win an IKA branded facemask.

Date for Your Diary

You can start any time, but if you start your walking challenge on World Kidney Day, Thursday 11th March, you will finish 21 days later during Organ Donor Awareness Week, 27th March - 3rd April!

Make A Contribution to the IKA

The Irish Kidney Association are dedicated to meeting the needs of End Stage Kidney Disease patients and their families. Our services include Counselling, Hospital Accommodation & Dialysis Holidays.

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Other Ways To Help

Get An Organ Donor Card

Many people who are living with End Stage Kidney Disease will be put onto the waiting list for a kidney transplant. The more people who carry Organ Donor Cards, and more importantly, pass on their wishes to their next-of-kin, the more hope there is for those on the waiting list!


Read The Facts About Organ Donation


Our School Education Pack


Join the Irish Kidney Association


Organ Donation & Transplant Ireland


Here at the IKA we're more than happy to assist you with anything you might need. If you've got any questions or concerns then please feel free to use the contact form on the right to send us a message. Otherwise click on the purple bar below to find alternative ways to get in touch with us!

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