In the spirit of spreading joy, hope, and generosity, we invite you to participate in a unique and heartwarming initiative this festive season. Imagine being able to contribute to the services of the Irish Kidney Association while also creating a virtual spectacle of lights that symbolise the collective goodwill of a community. Welcome to our 'Tree of Hope' campaign, where you can purchase a virtual light to illuminate our digital tree, with all proceeds going directly to support kidney patients.

In this digital age, we have the opportunity to make a real impact through innovative and meaningful ways. Our virtual tree allows you to purchase a light that will shine brightly in the online realm, representing your commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others. Each light on the tree tells a story of compassion and solidarity, forming a beautiful tapestry of giving.

By purchasing a virtual light on our Tree of Hope, you are directly supporting the Irish Kidney Association and our vital initiatives. Your contribution could provide counselling for those who need it, fund advocacy campaigns, or offer essential resources to those facing challenging circumstances. Every light on the tree represents a beacon of hope and a step towards creating a better, more compassionate world.

How It Works:

  1. Visit Our Tree of Hope Website: Navigate to our dedicated website where you can also explore the messages left on the virtual tree by others.
  2. Choose Your Light: Select the light you'd like to purchase, and choose the colour you would like it to glow. Each light has a minimum donation of €10 but you can select more if you wish, allowing you the option to contribute more.
  3. Personalise Your Light: Add a special message or dedication to your virtual light, making it a personalised gesture of kindness. Whether you're remembering a loved one, celebrating a milestone, wishing a patient improved health or simply expressing goodwill, your message will be displayed alongside your illuminated light. You can even add a photograph!
  4. Spread the Word: Share your participation in the Tree of Hope with friends, family, and colleagues. Encourage them to join in this collective effort to brighten the lives of those in need. You can send an e-Card directly from the page to let them know about your donation!


Here at the IKA we're more than happy to assist you with anything you might need. If you've got any questions or concerns then please feel free to use the contact form to send us a message.

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