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At the time of writing, the Board of Directors recognised that Covid-19 was still prevalent in our society. In order to protect our patient group by managing the health risks associated with bringing members together for in-person voting at the respective Branch AGMs and to ensure that we meet our statutory obligations, the Board of the Irish Kidney Association has opted to run postal elections in 2022.

Postal voting
Postal voting is a new process for the Irish Kidney Association; however, the Board and senior management of the organisation want to assure all members who have the entitlement to vote, that time and effort will be invested to ensure that this process is clear and transparent and produces a result that is a true reflection of the voting membership’s wishes.

Who can nominate or vote?
According to our constitution

  • All renal patients shall have one vote
  • All ordinary members of at least 3-year standing shall have one vote
  • Associate members shall not be entitled to vote
  • The instrument appointing a proxy shall be in writing under the hand of the appointer or his/her attorney duly authorised in writing.
  • All members who are eligible to vote will receive a nomination paper first and then a ballot paper. Both will be sent by post and will need to be returned to Donor House in the prepaid envelope by the date specified on the paper. Papers can be returned by post or can be hand-delivered once they are received at Donor House by the deadline specified.

    Information Webinar

    Watch our Tuesday 12th April webinar to find out how the postal voting will work.

    Election Procedures Manual

    Download our detailed election procedures manual

    Election procedures


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