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To mark what would have been competition week in the cancelled European Transplant & Dialysis Championships, the Irish team held a Duck Race to award the only gold medal of the 2020 games.

COVID-19 INformation

Dr Colm Magee, Consultant Nephrologist and Kidney Transplant Physician at Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, talks about COVID-19 and the potential risks to kidney and transplant patients.

Our CEO Mark Murphy spoke to Virgin Media News about how dialysis patients having to share taxis flies in the face of social distancing and puts lives at risk. Clip courtesy of Virgin Media News.

Professor George Mellotte, National Clinical Lead, HSE National Renal Office and Consultant Nephrologist at St. James' & Tallaght University Hospitals, talks about COVID-19 in relation to dialysis.

Dr Siobhan MacHale, Consultant Renal Transplant Psychiatrist, discusses looking after your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organ Donor Awareness Week 2020

Gina Lenehan, a pharmacist from Dublin, talks about her heart transplant and what Organ Donation means to her.

Sandra Doyle, a two time Liver Transplant recipient, talks about her experience and what Organ Donation Awareness means to her.

Simon Walsh, who works in the IKA's Renal Support Centre, talks about his kidney transplant and how life has changed since then.

Colin, who is the IKA's National Projects Manager, talks about his wife Chikoyo's dialysis and the support that the IKA offered them.

Harry Ward, a kidney transplant recipient, talks about his work counselling other patients and Organ Donation Awareness.

Aodhagan Cullen, from Cavan, talks about his Kidney and Pancreas Transplant, and how much he appreciates his donor.

Tara's son Jimmy recieved a kidney from his aunt Martina. Tara speaks about her selfless offer, and how it changed Jimmy's life.


Take action today and find out about how you can help the ones you know and love or just because you'd like to be a part of something bigger. Whether you choose to become a donor or make a contribution, the IKA appreciate your time and efforts to know more about what we do and how we help those who have or are affected by renal disease.

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