The Irish Kidney Association Renal Support Centre has been in operation since 2000. The Centre, located in the grounds of Beaumont Hospital, just 100 metres walk from the main hospital entrance, is open all year round and provides free accommodation for all its residents, who include:

  • Families of kidney patients from outside Dublin. It is available to all families no matter what Dublin hospital their family member is attending.
  • Kidney patients who have to travel long distances to see their consultant as an outpatient may stay overnight.
  • The Centre arranges a counselling service, as required, by outpatients and their families.
  • Preference for accommodation is given to families of patients receiving transplants from deceased and living donors and families of the seriously ill.

the facilities

Ten en-suite bedrooms which can sleep up to four persons. All rooms are on ground floor level. All rooms have TV. All rooms are in direct contact to and from the hospital ward by telephone. Comfortable sittingroom/day room with satellite TV and video. Small library. Fully fitted kitchen where meals can be prepared by residents. Tea and coffee is provided for residents and guests. Laundry room with washing powder supplied. Ironing facilities are also available. Parking for overnight residents only. The Renal Support Centre is owned and funded by the Irish Kidney Association. Donations from
residents and fundraising initiatives are most welcome.

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the facilities

The Centre is open to residents all year round. Day facilities are available Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm-4pm.

How to contact the Renal Support Centre

For any accommodation queries or general enquiries relating to the Centre, please phone between 9:30am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Weekend cover is now in place, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm Saturday & Sunday.

Tel: 01-837 3952
(Office Hours Only – 08:30am to 04:30pm)
Fax: 01-837 3974

The Irish Kidney Association is grateful for your support.


The Patient Support Officer, Lorraine Costello, is based at IKA headquarters, Donor House. The Officer focuses on social gain and welfare issues. The diagnosis of kidney failure brings about significant lifestyle changes on the individual, which impacts on employment and re-training needs. Working closely with the Chief Executive and the counselling service, the Officer oversees the interviewing and assessment of patient needs. In cooperation with statutory agencies, she develops individual and family care plans and liaises with employers, hospital staff, training authorities and educational institutions, in order to maintain or initiate the process of the patient regaining or maintaining independence.

The IKA subvents additional aid to the standard welfare entitlements. Welfare entitlements do not take account of the life-long aspect of the illness, involving long periods of dependency on welfare and reduced levels of employment and extra costs directly associated with the patient’s particular treatment. These costs can include basic needs of travel to and from dialysis centres, visits to medical practitioners, adhering to a prescribed diet level, drugs, medication costs and education grants. The current system of cost recovery, by medical card and tax credits re medical expenses barely addresses the level of costs but, at the least, it admits the recognition of the need which exists but remains an unmet need.

Kidney patients can claim relief, in addition to normal health expenses.

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The IKA provides a free, comprehensive and confidential counselling service for those diagnosed with kidney disease, their family members and carers.

The IKA is a national organisation and requests for counselling are received from all over the country. A structure is in place that allows for referral either to the IKA counsellor based at Donor House in West Dublin or if requested and appropriate a referral can be arranged to a counsellor based in the person’s local area. These counsellors are accredited with their professional body.

Who can access the counselling service?
  • The counselling service is open to all those diagnosed with kidney disease, their family and carers.
  • Any individual can refer themselves to the counselling service.
  • With the person’s permission, nursing, medical or allied professionals, can also refer people for counselling.
How is the counselling service delivered?
  • Through the IKA counsellor for those who can attend at Donor House in Parkwest Dublin 12.
  • Through a network of nationally registered locally based counsellors

aoife smith

Aoife Smith is a fully accredited humanistic integrative psychotherapist, working in private practice since 2008. She was also a specialist care representative in the healthcare industry for twenty years, during this time gaining invaluable experience working in chronic illness in the form of diabetes, respiratory diseases and oncology. These combined careers have given her a wide range of knowledge both medically and therapeutically allowing her to fully support our patients here at the Irish Kidney Association.



The Irish Kidney Association offers 3 types of holidays:

You can avail of this holiday by filling in an application form these forms are posted to your PD unit / Social worker and your local Irish Kidney Association Branch Secretary in February of every year or you can contact Deborah directly in Donor House on 01 6205306 or email

Tramore Apartments
Tramore Apartments
Tralee Holiday Home, Kerry
Tralee Holiday Home, Kerry

more details

The Irish Kidney Association provides a service for dialysis patients looking to holiday abroad.

Please DO NOT book a holiday or flights before making arrangements for your dialysis treatment abroad.

Your first port of call should be either to contact a member of staff in your dialysis unit or you can contact Deborah directly at Donor House.

The basic information needed to proceed with the booking of a patient’s request is the following:

  • Patient’s name
  • Holiday location
  • Desired dialysis dates

Patients need to give at least a minimum of 4-6 weeks notice for holiday treatments

abroad. The following documentation is required from your dialysis unit in order to confirm

the dialysis sessions:

  • Completed medical and dialysis application form
  • Up to date blood test results of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, MRSA and HIV (the test results must be dated no more than 4 weeks before the departure date)
  • A letter from your consultant stating you are fit to travel
  • EHIC – European Health Insurance Card formerly known as the E1 11

If travelling outside Europe your EHIC is of no use therefore you must pay for dialysis treatments outside the EHIC card area.

Any patients, who would like advice or assistance in organising holiday dialysis abroad, can contact Deborah at Donor House on 01 6205306 or email

Deborah Cervi, holiday coordinator has been with the IKA since 2003.

Deborah Cervi at Donor House,
Donor House, Block 43A,
Park West, Dublin 12

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Here at the IKA we're more than happy to assist you with anything you might need. If you've got any questions or concerns then please feel free to use the contact form on the right to send us a message. Otherwise click on the purple bar below to find alternative ways to get in touch with us!

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